Organized by
Commission on Yeast,
Institute of Chemistry, SAS,

in collaboration with:
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology SUT
Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics, SAS

Organizing the Annual Conferences on Yeast is one of major activities of the Commission. This year´s Conference is already the 46th in the row which makes the Annual Yeast Conference one of oldest scientific events in Slovakia. Starting as a local conference for Czechoslovak yeast researchers and students from various research institutions, universities and industry the conference grew over the years to an international meeting. Although the number of participants is limited to some 100, interesting program and the special character of the conference attracts every year truly international audience, predominantly students and young scientists. As the previous yeast conferences, the 46th Annual Yeast Conference will be organized in the Congress Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Smolenice Castle located in Small Carpathian Mountain some 50 km from Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic. Beautiful countryside around the castle and its splendid interiors contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of our meetings and provide lot of space for informal and stimulatory discussions of the scientists and students. We hope that you will enjoy all this also during the coming 46th Annual Conference on Yeast.

Milan Čertík
on behalf of the Organizing Committee